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1st June 2021 at 12:12 PM
Uzbekistan and Afghanistan Speakers call on Speaker National Assembly
Associated Press Of Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, May 31 —On the eve of 2nd General Conference of Parliamentary Organization of Economic Cooperation, Uzbekistan Speaker Ismiolov Nurdinjon Muydinkhonovich and Speaker Wolsi Jirga Afghanistan Mir Rehman Rahmani called on Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser in the Parliament House.
On this occasion, Speaker Asad Qaiser remarked that Parliamentary cooperation is imperative for promoting trade and business. He said that PAECO provides avenue for exploring and enhancing regional cooperation under the banner of ECO member states.
He said that Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have vast potential in terms of trade and connectivity. He said that PAECO is platform where agenda regional progress can be pursued.
Uzbekistan Speaker Ismiolov Nurdinjon appreciated Pakistan parliament for organizing Second PAECO conference after a span of Nine years. He also remarked that Parliamentary cooperation among ECO member states would bring prosperity for common people. He also termed relations between both countries brotherly and deep rooted in Culture.
Later, Mir Rahman Rehmani also mentioned his gratitude for inviting him in PAECO as this forum would provide Afghanistan to explore opportunities for trade and Connectivity. He said that both Afghanistan and Pakistan can explore more cooperation in the field of trade and business through PAECO platform.
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